Casal dos Jordões



Image Cellar, located in Casais do Douro, municipality of São João da Pesqueira. It is located along the National Road to scarce 3 km from the village of Pinhão and 1.5 km from the Douro River.

Here we have installed the vinification in six stainless steel vats with 10,000 kg / each with temperature control. It is here that we make, bottling, labeling and other necessary operations in this activity.



These are our old facilities. Shale walls and roofs for the wooden structure. Here matured some of our wines. It is also in this building that are installed the granite mills, also adapted to make up some temperature control and discharge with little use of manpower.



We have a capacity to stage about 150,000 bottles.

We also have the capacity to vinify in mills around 15,000 liters of wine. Here are mainly red guard and vintage port, or LBV reserves.



This is an area that in the future it is intended only to port wine aging. At this time we have an aging capacity in wood of 12,000 liters and we intend in the future to reach 100,000 in the coming years.



Casal dos Jordões has been in business since 1870, always in possession of the Jordões family. The operation consists of properties located in the municipality of São João da Pesqueira, distributed by the parishes of Casais do Douro (Headquarters), Ervedosa do Douro, Sarzedinho and Castanheiro do Sul.

All plots are situated at an altitude of between 90 and 350 meters on the slopes of Rio Torto, geared predominantly to South and West.

The Climate, Soil

It is in the vineyards everything begins, ends with the harvest and begins again with the pruning. Now everyone heard of TERROIR number of factors that differentiate a product (soil, climate, exposure, etc ...), all claim that the terroir where our vineyards are located is the best of the Douro (Vale do Rio Torto) . Here we produce almost exclusively red Port and Douro.

The Soil is only shale, characteristic of the Douro region.

The climate is harsh, with considerable temperature ranges. In winter have temperatures close to 0 ° C or less and in the summer can easily exceed 40 ° C. Rainfall is reduced ...

Granite Mills

Our winery has undergone some changes over the past years in order to create the best conditions for our employees to work in a committed way and with panache. We also intend to preserve a little of what was ancient, featuring on the other hand new technologies, as necessary to create wines of this age. Best? Maybe different.

In our cellar we have mills gratino for winemaking in the traditional way and there usually elaborate our large reserves reserves. We also have a fermentation capacity in stainless steel with temperature control. 6 fermentation tanks.

The storage capacity of the cellar, stainless steel, round currently 450,000 liters.


Our main goal is the full satisfaction of our customers.

The customers are spread all over the world, but it is in Europe where it has the largest number and those that maintain the best of relations since 1994.

You can find our wines in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Canada, Japan ...

It intends to also be represented in Brazil, the USA (United States of America and in small markets in China.

Our size does not allow us much widen the market horizon with regard to quantity, but this is not our goal. QUALITY!